• Sea Harvest, a petroleum service company and affiliate of Afak, opted to migrate their business management system from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Odoo.

The Challenge

Sea Harvest faced limitations with Microsoft Dynamics GP:

  • Rising Costs: The increasing cost of Dynamics GP licenses became a significant financial burden.
  • Limited Customization: Dynamics GP's customization options were restricted, hindering Sea Harvest's ability to tailor the system to their specific needs, leading to additional expenses for modifications.

The  Solution

Sea Harvest identified Odoo as a strategic solution to address these challenges:

  • Reduced License Costs

Odoo's open-source nature offered a significant cost advantage compared to the ongoing licensing fees of Dynamics GP.

  • Enhanced Customization

Odoo's flexible architecture allows for greater customization, enabling Sea Harvest to develop features that precisely meet their operational requirements without incurring excessive development costs.

The  Impact

By transitioning to Odoo, Sea Harvest aimed to achieve significant financial savings on software licensing and gain greater control over system customization. This shift positioned them to optimize their business management processes and achieve greater efficiency.

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