OR: Building a Stronger Supply Chain with Odoo


A leading construction material manufacturer, sought to optimize their supply chain for efficiency and cost reduction.

  • The existing system lacked functionalities for complex processes, leading to delays, stockouts, and unnecessary expenses.
  • OR implemented Odoo, a comprehensive ERP solution, to address these challenges.

The Challenge

OR, known for its high-quality construction materials, faced hurdles hindering their supply chain efficiency:

Outdated System

Their legacy system lacked the functionalities to handle complex supply chain processes effectively.

Inefficiencies and Errors

Manual processes and limited data integration led to delays, stockouts, and inaccuracies.

Communication Challenges

Collaboration with suppliers and distributors was hindered by the absence of a unified platform.

The  Solution

To overcome these challenges, OR opted for Odoo:

Streamlined Operations

Odoo's robust supply chain management module provided functionalities like inventory management, demand forecasting, and production planning. This enhanced visibility and improved overall efficiency.

Real-time Tracking & Transparency

The integrated platform eliminated manual data entry and enabled real-time data tracking from procurement to delivery. This provided OR with greater control over their supply chain.

Enhanced Collaboration

Odoo's B2B module facilitated seamless communication and collaboration with suppliers and distributors, streamlining processes throughout the entire supply chain.

The Results  

By implementing Odoo, OR achieved significant improvements in their supply chain:

Reduced Costs

Optimized inventory levels and efficient procurement processes led to substantial cost savings.

Improved On-Time Delivery 

Enhanced visibility and planning ensured timely deliveries of materials to customers.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

 Improved efficiency and on-time deliveries resulted in a significant rise in customer satisfaction.


ORT's successful Odoo implementation showcases the power of a modern ERP system. Replacing their outdated system with Odoo empowered them to achieve greater efficiency, cost reduction, and improved customer satisfaction. This case study highlights how Odoo can empower construction material manufacturers to optimize their supply chains and gain a competitive edge.

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