Grand Ocean


    Grand Ocean Hotel, a prestigious five-star establishment located in Ein Sokhna, Egypt, prides itself on offering exceptional hospitality experiences. To streamline operations and enhance guest services, Grand Ocean sought a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

The Challenge

Fragmented Operations

Grand Ocean required an integrated system to connect their front desk operations with back-office functions, aiming for improved efficiency and data synchronisation.

The  Solution

  • Successful Odoo Implementation

TDS Consulting successfully implemented an Odoo ERP system, providing Grand Ocean with a unified platform for managing various aspects of their business.

  • Ongoing Improvement

Grand Ocean and TDS are currently engaged in an upgrade process to further enhance the ERP system. This upgrade will include:

  1. Enhanced Functionality: TDS will expand the functionalities of the existing Odoo system to cater to Grand Ocean's evolving needs.
  2. Physical Security Integration: Importantly, the upgraded system will integrate with Grand Ocean's physical surveillance system, allowing for centralized monitoring and security management.

The  Impact

By collaborating with TDS Consulting, Grand Ocean has taken a significant step towards achieving operational excellence. The successful Odoo implementation and planned system enhancements will further streamline their operations, integrate security measures, and ultimately contribute to a more seamless and secure guest experience. 

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