DIB Holding, a German holding company, oversees four subsidiaries: Yolo, Mystro, Technology 1, and DIB Holding itself. Recognizing the need for a unified system to manage their operations, DIB Holding partnered with TDS Consulting to implement a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

The Challenge

Prior to the ERP implementation, each subsidiary and the holding company operated independently without a centralized system. This lack of integration made it difficult for top management to track overall operations, monitor intercompany transactions, and gain comprehensive insights into the performance of each subsidiary.

The  Solution

TDS successfully implemented a single, central ERP system across all four subsidiaries within just one month. This new system consolidated all their operations onto one platform, delivering significant benefits:

  • Improved Visibility 

Management gained real-time visibility into the operations of each subsidiary, enabling better decision-making and performance evaluation.

  • Enhanced Record keeping

All operations are now documented and recorded in a single system, improving data accuracy and accessibility.

  • Streamlined Operations

Inter company transactions became more efficient with standardised processes and centralised data management.

The  Impact

With the new ERP system in place, all four subsidiaries are now operating at full capacity with maximum user satisfaction. DIB Holding can now effectively manage its diverse portfolio and make data-driven decisions to optimize group performance. This successful project exemplifies TDS's expertise in implementing efficient and user-friendly ERP solutions.

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