BMA: Streamlining Facility Management with Odoo


  • BMA, the management company for Al Basateen Village Compound, prioritizes exceptional customer service and maintaining high-quality facilities.
  • They previously used Microsoft Dynamics but faced challenges hindering efficient operations and inflating costs.
  • To address these issues, BMA migrated to Odoo, a business management software, seeking improved operations and reduced costs.

The Challenge

BMA, dedicated to providing exceptional services at Al Basateen Village, faced hurdles with their previous facility management system, Microsoft Dynamics. This system hindered operational efficiency and resulted in increasing operational costs. 

The  Solution

BMA opted to migrate to Odoo, aiming for a more streamlined and cost-effective solution. Odoo offered several advantages:

Enhanced Business Processes

Odoo facilitated improved management of core functionalities like CRM, contracts, and accounting.

Customized Application

 The system offered the flexibility to be customized to BMA's specific needs, ensuring a perfect fit for their operations.

Improved User Experience

The user-friendly interface of Odoo enhanced employee workflow and overall user satisfaction.

The  Impact

By adopting Odoo, BMA achieved a significant transformation in their facility management operations. They now benefit from:

Streamlined Operations

 Improved workflows and efficient management processes lead to a smoother operation.

Reduced Costs

 Odoo's cost-effectiveness contributes to a reduction in overall operational expenses.

Enhanced Focus on Customer Service

With a more efficient system, BMA can dedicate more resources to delivering exceptional service to residents of Al Basateen Village.

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