Al Banaon


    Al-Banaon is a construction company dedicated to empowering architects and developers. They achieve this by providing unique and innovative solutions tailored to each project's specific design and requirements. Al-Banaon adheres to the highest international standards, ensuring exceptional quality and expertise.

The Challenge

Inefficient Project Management: Al-Banaon previously utilized a manual system, hindering smooth project execution. Additionally, a prior Odoo implementation by another partner wasn't functioning effectively.

The  Solution

  • Odoo Re-implementation and Training

TDS rectified the situation by conducting a comprehensive Odoo re-implementation. This ensured Al-Banaon leveraged the full potential of Odoo's features. TDS also provided intensive training within just four days, empowering Al-Banaon's team to optimize construction processes using the Odoo platform.

The  Impact

Through TDS's Odoo re-implementation and training, Al-Banaon achieved a more streamlined approach to project management. This empowered them to better serve their clients with efficient and high-quality construction solutions. 

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