Abou Ghaly 


    Abou Ghaly, a well-established injection-molding factory in Egypt, has a long history of success in the domestic market. Aiming for further growth, they set their sights on expanding their reach to Europe and the Middle East. Recognizing the need for strategic transformation, Abou Ghaly partnered with TDS Consulting in 2021.

The Challenge

Restricted Growth Potential: Abou Ghaly sought to overcome limitations in their current operations to facilitate export expansion and become a major global player.

The  Solution

  • Comprehensive Business Transformation:

TDS implemented a holistic approach, revamping Abou Ghaly's organizational strategies, business plan, and operational processes. This included:

  1. Strategic Reorganisation: TDS consultants restructured the company's internal functions to optimize efficiency and support export goals.
  2. Business Plan Development: A new business plan was crafted to align with Abou Ghaly's ambitious vision and target new markets.
  3. Process Re engineering: Operational processes were streamlined and standardized through TDS' unique business consulting methodology.
  • Custom Technology Solutions:  TDS implemented a comprehensive suite of technological tools to support Abou Ghaly's growth:
  1. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): A full-fledged Odoo ERP system with 65 modules was deployed to manage all core business functions.
  2. HR Management System (HRMS): A customized application was developed to streamline human resource management processes.
  3. Mobile Sales & Distribution App: A mobile application specifically designed for Abou Ghaly's extensive distribution network, managing operations across 230 trucks and 15 branch offices.

The  Impact

Through TDS's strategic guidance and technology implementation, Abou Ghaly achieved significant growth and a transformed mindset. As Miss Amani Abdelnaby, Chairman and CEO of Abou Ghalico Industry Group, stated, "Working with TDS helped us expand our vision and grow our ambition to become a leading global manufacturer. We realized there are no limits with the right leadership, skilled teams, and the right business applications."


Abou Ghaly's partnership with TDS Consulting exemplifies the power of strategic transformation. By addressing operational limitations and implementing innovative solutions, Abou Ghaly positioned itself for  international expansion and solidified its path towards becoming a major player in the global injection-molding industry.

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